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ill titleRadio Index

If you are looking to see vintage radios then you have come to the right place

Clicking on any radio's image will take you to a page giving you a little bit of history on the radio, the background of how I acquired it and what (if anything) was required to restore it to working order.

ill_1 ill titleAirline 64BR-1503B

A classic style to this American "Airline" from 1946. The bold grille and bullet style knobs typify the machine age look of this compact "All American Five" radio

Airline 74BR-1502Bill title ill_1

What's this? 2 radios of the same brand. That's unusual for me but I couldn't resist this tiny, tiny midget radio from the U.S.A.

ill_1 ill titleAristone / Elizabeth

The first Vintage Radio I ever bought. From the early 1950s this Aristone finished it's restoration by changing its name to Elizabeth.

Delco R-1230ill title ill_1

Another All American Five set. This time a Delco from 1947. Prized among collectors for its attractive "ribbon candy" grill design. I have been in love with this radio since I first saw it over at the Radiophile website... and now I have one!

ill_1 ill titleA.W.A. Radiolette 516M

An attractive rounded style in a lovely marbled white.This is a popular set among collectors, although this one drove me to distraction as I tried to restore it.

Kriesler 11-20ill title ill_1

From 1948 this is an attractive "Plum Pudding" style cabinet. Rarely found these days with their delicate speaker fretwork intact, quite a valuable radio when one turns up in good condition.

ill_1 ill titleAstor Mickey HQ

The Penultimate Mickey!

Made in 1951, this cream Bakelite model was the second to last from Astor to bear the Micky name.

Mullard MAS 1001Dill title ill_1

A stylish looking radio, but one that took me some time to identify. This little beauty has now left my collection but will remain up here for the edification of other collectors.

ill_1 ill titleR.C.A. 75X12

Made by the Radio Corporation of America, this is another of my USA Manufactured sets. Coming in a variety of painted bakelite colours, RCA also produced a series with cabinets painted in an oriental design.

Tasma 1005ill title ill_1

Tasma grew from early days to become one of the major radio manufacturers in Australia. I'm a big fan of Tasma radios and they produced some of the most iconic sets of the era.

ill_1 ill titleTasma 1103 "Rollerdial"

Squat, muscular and truly original. This is another set I've been trying to get ahold of for some time. Ladies & Gentlemen, meet The Rollerdial!

S.T.C. 5030ill title ill_1

Standard Telegraph and Cable (or STC) produced this console model in 1937.
By far the oldest radio I own, both the chassis and the cabinet required a lot of restoration to restore this venerable grandmother of a radio to her original glory.

ill_1 ill titleSilvertone 9000

Deco? No! 1949 in fact. Nevertheless, with it's stylised "S" tuning dial and toasterish looks this is a standout set whatever your tastes.