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Some Other Sites You Might Be Interested In.

ill_1If you've enjoyed your time here at Vintage Wireless, you might like to explore the topic further. There are many great sites out there on the interweb, so click away. But please remember the content of these sites is the responsibility of their writers and owners. I make no claims or warranty as to their suitablity to your specific sircumstances. :)

Historical Wireless Society SEQ
The Historical Wireless Society of South East Queensland Inc. My local Historical Radio Society. If you live in South East QLD and are into old radios, you should consider joining.

Historical Radio Society of Australia Inc. An Australia-wide society for Vintage Radio Enthusiasts.

If you want American Radios, John's site is NUMBER ONE. A vast collection of American Radios, timber and plastic. All lovingly restored and beautifully photographed. Radophile was the inspiration for putting up my own site.

Radio Museum
An international site. Radios and Valve / Tube data from around the world. Massive!

Vintage Radio
Brad's site is very detailed with lots of background history on early Australian radios. I have cited him a number of times in my articles.

Oz Radio
Another collection on display featuring some of the rarest and most beautiful Australian Vintage Radios you'll ever see.

Brian Smith's Wireless Workshop
A great place to shop for spare parts when your spares have parted.

Phil's Old Radios
Another site detailing the collection and restoration of classic old radios. Another site that helped inspire mine.

Antique Electronic Supply
U.S. based site, great for sourcing hard to find tubes, condensers, and other parts.

M31 Galaxy of Transistor Radios
No valves here, but a stunning collection of rare and classic transistor radios.

Old Radios N.Z.
Classic New Zealand vintage radios.

Radio Salon
Another site of U.S. made radios.

Ressurection Radio
Resurrection Radio specialise in the sale, restoration and repair of vintage radios and gramophones.

Antique Art
Not quite eBay, but if you are shopping for a radio, you'll find a few for sale.

Nostalgia Air
If you have an American Radio and need a schematic Nostalgia Air will have what you need, almost guaranteed. And It's FREE!

Radio Manuals
Thousands of radio service sheets for vintage radios and T.V.s. Focussing on U.K. modles and once more... FREE!

Repairing Valve Technology
Written by Ray Robinson. A very informative article on... well... repairing valve technology, obviously.

Antique Radios Chassis Restoration
Another great article, this time on Chassis Restoration. Written by Stan Watkins.

The Original Aussie Vintage Radio Site
Full of old radio ads and other useful information.