History Of Kriesler

Virtuoso Radio.
Leo, Alec and Rae Weingott founded The Kriesler Radio Company in Newtown, Sydney in 1928, named after violin virtuoso & composer Fritz Kreisler.

They changed the spelling from Kreisler to Kriesler to avoid lawsuits.

The founders soon ran into financial trouble and was bailed out in 1933 by Percy Tuit who took up a 49% interest in the company and helped turn it around until it grew to become the third ranked radio manufacturer in Australia prior to the advent of television here in 1956.

In 1950 Kriesler was sold to Philips and continued production until 1973.

The name continued to be used until 1983 and recently has been reinvigorated, now attached to imported asian TVs and whitegoods.

If you are familiar with Youtube you can click this link to watch a classic TV commercial from 1976 for a Kriesler Television set. What advances we have made!

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ill titleKriesler 11-20

Classic Kriesler.


This is a Kriesler 11-20 from the late 40's, appearing in the 1948 AORSM.

It features Short Wave as well as the standard AM Broadcast frequencies and a tone control. A full featured radio for such a simple 4 valve design.

Often referred to as a Plum Pudding style cabinet this is a popular Kriesler design with a two-piece cabinet. Moulded like an upturned bowl the chassis goes up into the main upper half of the cabinet (Usually by flipping the whole thing upside down and dropping the chassis in) and is then sealed by bolting on the bottom plate of the cabinet underneath.

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The 11-20 has a two position control to select low or high tone. In reality rather than high or low tone it more resembles "Muffled" or "Perky". I've opted for "Perky" since "Muffled" was unintelligible.

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This 11-20 was fully restored by my friend and fellow collector Roland at QLD Valves.