Big Changes!

See the new layout.
Hope you like the new look for the site. The new design has allowed me to move the old sidenote articles back to the pages they related to.

Don't worry though... I'll still keep the articles page up and will be adding more soon.

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ill titleWelcome !

Thanks for visiting Vintage Wireless.

ill_1September 2007. New radios and a new look.

Yes, I know I only updated the site at Christmas time last year. Hopefully you'll like the new look and find it easier to get around.

One of the new areas to be found on the site is the Wanted & For Sale section. It is my hope that as word gets around my fellow collectors and enthusiasts will start to avail themselves of this service and put some of their items up for sale. Here's hoping!

ill titleLatest News

Added: September 2007. In the "Radio Index"
Two new radios this month. Another "Wards Airline" All American Five set from the U.S.A. The Airline 74BR-1502B and a proud moment for me as I become the lucky owner of a Tasma 1103 "Rollerdial".

Updated: September 2007. A number of new "sidebar" articles have been added on radio pages. These include a history of Thom & Smith makes of Tasma Radios. A history of S.T.C. and some tips on snagging eBay bargains.

ill titleOlder Updates

Added: August 2007. In the "Radio Index"
The Delco R-1230A. Another compact All American 5 Bakelite set. Underneath the worn out factory paint I found the most stunning Jet-Black bakelite. Read all about it here. ill_2

Added: July 2007. In the "Radio Index"
The Silvertone 9000. An All American 5 Bakelite set in a very compact form. Check it out.

Update: May 2007. In the "Radio Index".
"I have added to the Story on the S.T.C. 5030 Console. Now you can read all about the restoration process and see photos of the finished radio.

Added: February 2007. In the "Articles Index"
Building a Home-Built AM Radio transmitter.