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ill titleHelp Needed

I'm desperately trying to find out some more info on a radio I have had out in the shed for some time awaiting restoration.

Please take a look at the photos below and see if you can suggest a model number that it might be.

I'm keen to get started on fixing this one up but i need to identify the radio model first so I can determine the correct circuit and valve line-up for it.

Cabinet - Obviously it's a Philips.

Some photos of the chassis.

Dial Close-up. The model has Medium and Shortwave.

Close-up on the back of the speaker.

Close-up on the power transformer.

It has an electromagentic speaker. There is no Letter code on the ARTS&P label. and i'm sure that some of the valves in it are not right. Hoping somone can help me identify it from the cabinet and chassis as I can't go on valve line-up to help determine it.

Many thanks if you've come here after my post on Aus Wireless. Here's hoping you can help.

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