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ill titleWelcome !

Thanks for visiting Vintage Wireless.

ill_1Radios made for different markets, different countries or just sharing around a good design, if you look into Vintage Radios long enough you'll start to see the same cabinet or slight variations from a variety of makers.

Here's a by-no-means comprehensive look at a few variations you might find.

At top here is a Farnsworth GT-051 from 1948 As found at: Phil's Old Radios.

Below is a 1958 Northern Electric 5508 "Midge" from Canada.


And then a Lifco Model L660


Or how about this Airline 64-BR-1503 From my personal collection...


Followed up with this ad for another Northern Electric Model from Canada.


Personally, I think the Bullet Knobs on the Airline look better, don't you?

The US made Arvin 602 from 1939...

Arvin 602

And the handle-less variant the 68

Arvin 68

Pre-dates the Aussie made Tasma 1005 by 7 years.


Even my Aristone / Elizabeth had numerous other makes using the same body design.


Such as this identical Aussie-made Peal in white.


... and rarer in Green. Both found via eBay.

As I find more I'll be sure to post them here.