What's Going On Here?

More than meets the eye!
As well as moving some articles back to the respective radio pages I have added a number of new sidebar stories on older radios on the site.

This means that even though you might have already read all about the Tasma 1005 you will not have read the sidebar on the history of Thom & Smith, the manufacturers of Tasma radios.

So be sure to look closely at the index of what's changed and take a look at some of the newer articles even if they appear on pages you might have visited previously.

Moves Articles:

arrow Painted Bakelite
arrow The Mickey Story
arrow Philips and Mullard
arrow About Radio Dials
arrow Paint Stripper On Plastic?


ill titleArticles Index

Listed here are all the articles I have written about radio history as well as some tips and tricks for restoring your old radios.

Click on an article and you'll go to the corresponding page.

This list is now much shorter than it once was. Part of the reasoning behind the site redesign was to move some relevant articles back to the same page as the radios they referred to. If the article is not in the main list try the smaller links to your right which will lead you to the respective radio pages they are now living on.

I have also condensed the two articles on "Dating Your Radios" into one longer article for your reading and referencing convenience.

ill titleThe Articles

The Home-Built AM Transmitter
Build your own simple, low-power AM transmitter.

Same Cabinet, Different Radio
Badge Engineering and Radio Design.


Dating Your Old Radios
When was this one made?