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ill titleWho Are You?

And why do you collect old radios?

ill_1When I was a teenager I had a tall floor-standing radiogram (radio and record player) from the 1940s in my room.

It had been given to my Dad who decided to store it in my room. He wasn't really a collector though and not knowing what to do with it he sold it for a few bucks to an antique dealer some years later when I moved out of home, much to my disappointment.

But my love of radio still burned. I even worked for a number of AM and FM stations.

I would always look at old radios in antique stores but never started buying them until late 2005.

In that short time though I have amassed a decent collection, joined a society for people with my "affliction" and made a lot of friends with similar interests.

My collection consists mostly of bakelites from the Forties although the full gamut of my collection runs from 1937 to the late 1950s.

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